We are the only woodturning organisation in the Scunthorpe area. Come and join us!


the draw for these tools was made by Chris Fisher at the all day seminar

The next draw is for something SPECTACULAR!

From Monday 10th June  the draw for an Easy Pro Sphere Turning Jig will commence. You don't need to worry about the size of the column will match your tool rest because we have made a special arrangement with the manufacturer.

The prize of each ticket is just £1 and you can buy as many tickets as you want.  The draw will be made at our Annual General Meeting in November.

If you want to play around with some balls of different sizes from tiny little ones to monsters then this is the draw for you!


back to the good olde days!

Can you spot yourself or anybody else in these photos?

The photos were contributed by John Sparrow from his Box Brownie collection.  Can you spot yourself or other Club members? Can you identify when and where the images were taken? This isn't a competition, just a trip down Memory Lane.

we are associated to awgb

AWGB The Association of Woodturners of Great Britain

About The AWGB

  • It is an international non-profit making organisation dedicated to the advancement and promotion of woodturning
  • It consists of individual members, corporate members, affiliated and associated branches throughout the country
  • It exists to provide education, information and organisation to those interested in woodturning
  • Members include hobbyists, professionals, gallery owners, collectors of wood and tool suppliers
  • The Association of Woodturners of Great Britain was formed in August 1987. It has an elected executive consisting of both amateur and professional turners
  • It is organised at national level by an elected executive and at branch level by local members
  • The AWGB is currently made up of over 50 affiliated local groups of woodturners (branches) as well as individual members
  • The current membership is in excess of 3000 individual members
  • To assist and advise on the formation of new clubs/branches. For a STARTUP pack please email the AWGB secretary, secretary@awgb.co.uk


club constitution (2016 Version)

Name of the Organisation

North Lincolnshire Woodturners Association Constitution - updated 1 November 2016

1. The organisation shall be known as the North Lincolnshire Woodturners Association, which may be abbreviated to the NLWA.


2. The NLWA logo as seen at the head of this document comprises the Lincolnshire flag as its background, overlaid with a transparent artists’ impression of spindle turning, which in turn is overlaid with the name of the organisation. This logo is to be used on all stationery (headed paper, website, business cards etc.), the NLWA website and all social media initiatives.


3. The objectives of the NLWA are as follows:

a. to promote woodturning as a craft and art form amongst turners and the local community;

b. to develop the knowledge and skills of members of the NLWA;

c. to promote membership of NLWA;

d. to facilitate the aforementioned objectives through monthly meetings and an annual seminar, at

which professional or highly competent amateur turners demonstrate turning, decorating and finishing techniques;

e. to contribute to the local community through public woodturning demonstrations and charitable fund raising initiatives;

f. to promote awareness of the Association of Woodturners Great Britain (AWGB) and the benefits of both corporate and individual membership.


4. The NLWA is affiliated to the AWGB.

Management and Administration

5. Committee. The NLWA will be managed and its administration undertaken by a committee elected in accordance with this constitution. The composition of the committee and an outline of their main responsibilities is below:

Cha irman

Chairman                       Active head of the club. Chairs all meetings. Signs off all minutes and Record of Decisions (ROD).

Vice-Chairman             Deputy to the Chairman. Overseas the day-to-day running of the club. Main Point of contact (POC) for committee members.

Secretary                       Main POC for the Club. Produce agendas, calling notices and minutes/ROD for committee meetings and the AGM. Maintain the membership database. Book demonstrators. Maintain and publish the constitution. All AWGB business.

Treasurer                       All matters financial: accounts (e.g. bank, investment), audits, subscriptions, insurance. Invoices and payments.

Webmaster                  Maintenance and updating of the website.

Property                       Property Ledger. Property checks (every 4 months). Loan log. Purchasing, maintenance and disposal. PAT testing

Merchandise/Shop.    Stock ordering, pricing and sales.

Competitions               Competition categories, formats and marking criteria. Cup(s) and shields(s).

General                          No specific responsibilities. General support to the rest of the committee.


6. Election to the Committee. Election to the committee will take place annually at the AGM. Prospective candidates will require a proposer and a seconder and a majority ‘in favour’ vote from the floor. Committee members will serve for 12 months but may remain in post subject to re-election. Individuals may hold more than one role from the table above.

7. Temporary Committee Members. Individuals may be seconded as temporary members of the committee to assist with short-term specific projects at the discretion of the committee.

8. Release or Dismissal from the Committee. Individuals may be released or dismissed from the committee under the following circumstances:

a. the individual submits their resignation;

b. the individual is no longer fit to serve because of personal circumstances, in which case resignation

or a six-month absence will trigger their release;

c. the individual fails to fulfil their obligations as a committee member;

d. conduct of the individual contravenes the spirit of the NLWA and this constitution.

9. Roles and Responsibilities. Committee members will carry out their duties in accordance with a concise and simple document detailing roles and responsibilities. This will add clarity and transparency and aid the handover/takeover of each post.

10. Committee Meetings. The committee will meet biannually in April and again in October (being one month before the AGM to be held in November). Meetings must be chaired by the Chairman or in his/her absence, the Vice Chairman. The Treasurer and Secretary must always be in attendance, generating a quorum of three members in the absence of the Chairman. Extraordinary meetings may be called as required.

11. Timetable for Committee Meetings. As follows:

12. Agenda for Committee Meetings. The agenda will comprise the standing items listed below, in addition to

new items requiring the committee’s attention:

a. Chairman’s welcome (Chairman).

b. Apologies (Secretary).

c. Matters arising from the previous meeting (Vice Chairman).

d. Statement of account (Treasurer).

e. Secretary’s update (Secretary).

f. Forecast of events. (Secretary).

g. Any other business (Chairman).

h. Date of next meeting (Secretary).


    2 weeks before meeting

 Secretary to send out calling notice to committee members and request topics/points for the agenda.

   2 days before meeting

    Committee members to have submitted topics/points for the agenda to the Secretary.


 Agenda issued. Meeting chaired. ROD notes taken by the Secretary.

   1 week after the meeting

     ROD published by the Secretary.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

13. The AGM will be held in November – its purpose to report to the membership and to elect/re-elect individuals to serve on the committee. The Chairman will preside and the agenda will comprise the following standing items in addition to new business raised by or for the attention of the membership:

a. Chairmen’s welcome (Chairman).

b. Apologies (Secretary).

c. Minutes of the last meeting (Vice-Chairman).

d. Matters arising from the previous meeting (Vice Chairman).

e. Secretary’s update (Secretary).

f. Annual Statement of Account (Treasurer).

g. Election/re-election of committee members (Vice Chairman).

h. Forecast of events. (Secretary).

i. Any other business (Chairman).

j. Date of next meeting (Secretary).

14. Timetable for the AGM. As follows:

Funding and Accounts

15. Funds. The NLWA funds will be managed by the Treasurer in accordance with his/her Roles and

Responsibilities which include:

a. Bank and investment accounts.

b. The petty cash account.

c. Preparing accounts for audit.

d. Subscriptions.

e. Invoices, receipts and payments (payment and filing).

16. Statement of Account. The Treasurer will produce a Statement of Account for committee meetings and the AGM and at other times as required.

17. Expenditure. Funds are to be used for the good and benefit of the NLWA in accordance with the following principles:

a. Purchase of equipment as authorised by the committee.

b. Payment for goods and services (e.g. venue hire, demonstrators, insurance, buffets for events etc.).

c. General running costs (e.g. stationery, postage etc.).

18. Spending Cap. The Treasurer is authorised to spend up to £250 in a single transaction. Payment may be from petty cash or in the form of a cheque therefore only requiring his/her signature.

19. Authority for Expenditure Exceeding the Spending Cap. Expenditure exceeding the spending cap is to be authorised by the committee. In such cases where a cheque is used to make payment, two signatures are required.

2 weeks before meeting

Secretary to send out calling notice to all NLWA members requesting topics/points for the agenda and nominations/volunteers to serve on the committee.

2 days before meeting

NLWA members to have submitted topics/points for the agenda to the Secretary.


 Agenda issued. Meeting chaired. ROD notes taken by the Secretary.

 1 week after the meeting

 ROD published by the Secretary.

20. Petty Cash. The treasurer is authorised to hold up to £250 in petty cash, determined as being the maximum sum required to pay any one demonstrator. All other monies should be paid into the NLWA bank/investment account without undue delay as they accrue e.g. after collection of subscriptions at monthly demonstration evenings.

21. Chequebook Signatories. The Vice Chairman or Secretary will act as second chequebook signatory for authorised expenditure exceeding £250.


22. Cover. The NLWA is covered by Zurich in partnership with the AWGB as follows:

a. Public Liability - £5M for any one event.

b. Products Liability - £5M for all claims in the aggregate during and one period of insurance.

c. Pollution Liability - £5M for all claims in the aggregate during and one period of insurance.

23. Period. The policy is for 12 months and runs 1 January - 31 December.


24. The NLWA will maintain a website to communicate with the membership and to promote the NLWA regionally and on the worldwide web. To be totally effective and to remain current at all times, it will include the following pages:

a. the home page, featuring:

a welcome statement and general information about the NLWA;

a contacts form linked the Secretary’s NLWA email account (sec@nlwa.org.uk); notice of next meeting;

b. diary dates page, giving details of demonstration evenings and links to demonstrators websites; committee page, detailing members of the committee;

c. the gallery page, providing galleries of photos from demonstration evenings;

d. the resources page, providing useful information and articles;e. the links page, with links to the following pages: machinery, tools and accessories;

f.useful YouTube videos, feed and channels.

25. The website will be maintained in accordance with the roles and responsibilities of the webmaster.

Contributing to the Local Community

26. Public Woodturning Demonstrations. The NLWA will seek opportunities to provide woodturning

demonstrations at local community events such as the annual Christmas Fair in Scunthorpe and village fates.

27. Charitable Fundraising. The NLWA will seek opportunities to support local charities through woodturning ventures and in keeping with the spirit of the organisation for example, auctioning off wood turned Christmas tree decorations.

Amendments to this Constitution

28. This constitution may be amended at the AGM. To do so requires a majority vote from those in attendance.


29. Should the committee deem it necessary or be advised to dissolve the NLWA, an extraordinary meeting of the membership will be called to vote on the motion. A majority vote from those in attendance will empower the committee to dissolve the NLWA, which will entail the disposal of all assets and payment of any outstanding invoices.

30. Following dissolution, each paid up member will receive an equal share any remaining monies.


31. This document was signed and adopted by those officials nominated so to do on the date shown.

{Original signed} 

Barrie Hunsley, Chairman {Original signed} 

Mel Bailey, Vice Chairman {Original signed} 

Bob Meldrum, Secretary

Date: 24 October 2016 


new video and book library is now up and running

If you are interested in borrowing a video or a book then ask Martin Stear our Librarian

We are launching a lending library of woodturning and woodcarving videos.  We will also have a selection of books and publications for members to borrow.  All books and videos borrowed at one club meeting must be returned at the next meeting.  There is a large variety of material available so do come and have a look.


if you are interested in getting some great gear?

You just won't believe the bargains we have for you!

The Club were extremely fortunate to acquire an entire workshop of equipment and tools. We will be offering all these items for sale at Lodge Moor Community Centre at our Club Meetings.  Come along early to get the best deals and then you can help put the chairs out!

Club's bazaar

All items are offered as seen