We are the only woodturning organisation in the Scunthorpe area. Come and join us!

This section is an information exchange for all turners

This page will help people who are new to woodturning as well as those who're old timers.

Over the last few years, the Club has attracted quite a few new members. Some of our older, more experienced members frequently assist new members in showing them the basic skills and techniques.  Woodturning can be a challenging experience for the beginner, so a helping leg up in skills can make the whole experience that much more enjoyable. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to transport a lathe and tools from one place to another.  The purpose of this page is to entertain and spread good safe turning techniques. 

Mike Waldt is a very experienced amateur turner who regularly publishes woodturning videos on YouTube.  He has demonstrated at UKIWS and at the Harrogate Show.  The Club is grateful to Mike for allowing us to profile his YouTube videos on a page of this website - well worth look if you haven't already!

Mike has produced a set of Beginners Videos that demonstrate how the basic woodturning tools can be used safely and productively.  He also shows what can go wrong and how to prevent it happening again. Mike will be the first to say that his way is not the only one, but he does emphasise that it is his way and we should all be prepared to learn and improve. So, for our experienced members, if you use a different technique then please drop us an email so that we can share good practice.

Enjoy the videos.


The Lathe

Probably the largest, heaviest "woodturning tool" of all. For those who haven't shelled out for one, there's some very useful advice in this video.

The Spindle Roughing Gouge

The Spindle Gouge

Check out this great video. It will help you master this incredibly useful lathe tool

The Bowl Gouge

The Skew Chisel

Even experienced turners can be apprehensive about using a skew chisel.  Once mastered, using a skew can produce the most amazing results. It is important that the tool is used safely as catches can be scary and dramatic!

The scraper

There are both round and flat nosed scrapers. Mike demonstrates both in this video.  There are also scrapers with a negative rake grind that Mike details in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdXxkr1hEPE

The Parting Tool

This is one of those tools that tends to get neglected in introductory videos.  Apart from neatly removing work from the lathe, it is a flexible tool. Mike show us a technique in how to use the tool and some of the different uses it can be put too.

Sanding Technique

This video gives a view on how to sanding techniques to get the best possible finish. Many people have different ideas about sanding and finishing.  This is one procedure and might be useful for novices to the craft.

A follow up to the sanding video

In this video Mike follows up on his early video on sanding and answers some of the questions his subscribers have raised

And finally.........

Mike has many great videos available on his YouTube channel. Check it out!

If you have a comment, helpful suggestion or a useful tip then please do email the Club's Website Geek at info@nlwa.org.uk