We are the only woodturning organisation in the Scunthorpe area. Come and join us!

All day seminar 19th May 2019

welcoming back chris & Nicola fisher and Bamber

Chris is of course the renowned Blind Woodturner

We were all blown away when Chris first visited us in 2018.  After that everybody was keen to secure him for our next All Day Seminar. 

It is easy to forget that Chris is blind because he is an expert woodturner and makes it look so easy.  For Chris every action needs to thought out, tried and tested literally hundreds of times. A demonstration by Chris is a breath taking experience and extremely thought provoking - especially when one realises that he took up woodturning AFTER he went blind! It is not therefore surprising to know that his motto is KEEP ON TURNING!

On Sunday 19th May, we knew we were in for a truly exceptional experience. Chris demonstrated turning, power carving and colouring a bowl.


videos from the all day event